Maybe something is wrong with me?

I have been asked on a couple of dates. Finding a guy to ask me out isn't the issue. It's keeping him interested that gets me in a situation. Or vise versa. I don't know, maybe I am too boring or maybe I am too honest and direct but after a few dates, its either I stop losing interest or he does. I mean first dates are usually a hit but the few ones after just sorta fizzles out.

How do I stop this from happening?


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  • I'm in the same boat as you. I've been able to get lots of dates and hookups, but no relationships. Only ones remained interested were ones I wasn't attracted to or they were super clingy. The women I've met seemed to be at two extremes, flaky or very clingy, no happy medium.

    Not knowing what you're doing wrong on your end is frustrating too. It's not always obvious to us and sometimes you wonder if people are leaving for the same reason. It feels like I'm constantly starting fresh after the dates/flings disappear.

    How are you meeting these guys? In person? Online?

    • Both, sometimes I get asked out in person. I'm pretty picky when it comes to dating and only allow myself to go out with guys I feel have potential. But it all ends the same way regardless.

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    • And it isn't fair to the other person you're settling with either

    • Exactly. I'm not the pickiest person but I have standards. I'm also not gonna date someone just so I can say I have a girlfriend.


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  • You just need to go out on more dates. You're so young and this is simply the nature of dating. I mean, while it's possible that it's something you're doing, I think it's more likely that you just need to go out more. Have you tried online dating? If you haven't, I think you might be surprised at the mad rush that comes at you. Take a few of those guys up on lunch or what not and see what happens.

  • You cannot.


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  • If you think you're too boring then try to get some new interests or try to improve on certain aspects of your personality that you seem to be lacking.