How to forget about HIM / How to stop loving him?

I'm seriously in love with my friend. The problem is we see each other like 2-3 times a month so going out with him wouldn't be the best choice and he probably isn't even interested in me.
I'm always trying to distract myself to stop thinking about him and I'm trying to think of him as just a FRIEND, but whenever we meet up again, everything goes aside and I can't stop thinking about him. He's just too kind and nice to me, but I really want to see him as a friend, so my heart wouldn't hurt so much. What should I do?


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  • Just accept your feelings and let them play out. They'll fade on their own.


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  • If you truly want to forget him! Don't try the advice that people will give you, that "well, just don't think about him!" Because that doesn't work at all. It only makes you think about him MORE. So how to actually mentally and emotionally get over him, believe it or not, you THINK about him! You have to set aside a good 3 or 4 hours of your day to yourself first. And get comfy somewhere alone. Just think about how your relationship has progressed through all this time. Think about all the good memories and how much you like him. Recognize that you've had good times and bad. Realize that your relationship is going to have to come to a close for your own health. It's what you said that you want! So you have to realize that you need to slowly pull out of your relationship with him. Just slowly drift away out of his life. Tell him that you deeply appreciate all of the good times and memories, but that you're going to go on your own path and find someone new! This is going to be extremely tough and might take a couple of weeks to finally get over him, but you have the strength to do it! You just have to acknowledge that you've made good and valuable memories that you'll never forget but that times have changed. This will be tough, but if you truly want this, you can do it! You'll work on it and achieve it! :)