Starting college, I look like a child?

I'm 18. I'm starting college next semester. I won't live on campus next semester, but I probably will next fall. One big problem, I look like a child. I'm 5'7 (5'8" in some shoes), I have braces until next May, and I have a baby face (I have a little mustache but not much). I look 16. Do you think it would be hard for me to attract girls? I'm kinda shy, but I'm funny. I did a rate me on another site and I got mostly 5s.


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  • You shouldn't care about what other think about you. High school is full of crappy moments that make us feel like shit about our appearance and status. But in college, that actually changes. You actually start to meet people that are better personality wise because you and the people around you are starting a new change in your lives that's known as adulthood. You're not gonna live the rest of your life with braces. I'm 26 and women tell me that I have a baby face and that i look like I'm still in high school. And by the way, 5"7 and 5"8 is the average height for men

    • Thanks. I'm just a little insecure about my height cause where I live most guys are like 5'10" and girls are like 5'7.

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    • Yeah, you're right. Thanks

    • Thanks


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  • what the website?
    honestly dress to impress if you dress nicely people look up to u!
    be open be don't scare show confidence


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