Guy canceled date on me, does this mean he isn't interested?

So last week I went on a date with this guy, and since then we've hooked up a couple of times, and on Wednesday he asked me out on a date and yesterday he texted me to confirm I was still available to go. Today, I found out that the place he was planning on taking me was closed so I texted him and told him and he said " Oh I didn't know that, do you want to try another day?" and then I said " yes, or we could go somewhere else?" and then he said " I think another day would be better". I don't get why his answer was so short or why he didn't want to just go somewhere else? Is he not interested?


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  • You might be reading too much into it. I'd give him one more chance, but no more than that.


What Girls Said 2

  • Seems super fishy to me, I could understand if something came up then yeah. Even if the place was closed, why not go out for coffee or a movie. I would be wary.

  • It is either he doesn't like you, or he is busy.
    It is must likely he doesn't like you, tho... sorry. :/