Is it bad to lie about your age? And when if ever should you finally admit your real age? Or how to go about admitting my age?


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  • yes it's bad to lie about your age. it's bad to lie

    you should try and fix teh situation as soon as possible

    • It wasn't done on purpose necessarily we met through my dating profile in which I put my age as 5 years younger than I am because people my age are generally not my type. But I haven't personally discussed my age in fact I already admitted to some discrepancies based on some stuff I shared I just didn't come out and say by the way I'm older.

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    • but you lead people to believe you are younger than you are. that is a lie. just because you don't verbally say something in a conversation doesn't make it less of a lie.

    • It's okay I totally get what you're saying this guy and I are not really talking anymore but thanks I will let everyone know my age next time and wear a sign and stuff like that.

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  • Yes it's bad. Starting a relationship on lies is a sure sign it will crash and burn. So own up to it and ask for forgiveness so you guys can move on without there being any discrepancies :) Good luck


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  • I personally think it is bad to lie about your age.

    • You're so young though, when you are older and if you're still single you will realize how ageist society is. smh

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    • That's not even old? And definitely not something to lie about. I feel like if you lie it's just going to end badly.

    • Yes good point