What do you do if your parents oppose your relationship?

What if your mom or your dad doesn't like your boyfriend or girlfriend? Maybe it's because of your SO's gender or your SO's habit or just your SO's overall vibe (according to your parents). What do you do?


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  • I'm very close with my parents and they are awesome people and I know that they want what's best for me. So if they opposed me getting into a relationship with someone I'm sure they'd have a good reason.

    • What if the reason is just because they don't like your SO? Like they have unsettling feeling every time they see you with your SO? What would you do if that's the case?

    • Well my parents aren't really that superstitious but then I'd probably sit down with them and have a talk why they felt that way. I mean it has to come from somewhere right?

      If it really turned out to be that they just had a weird feeling out of nowhere then hopefully they'd realize that too and give her the benefit of the doubt at least.

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  • Fortunately my parents always accepted anyone I did. They'd make the effort and support my decisions. They'd provide advice if I needed it though. They've always known I'm independent minded , so even if they didn't approve I'd still date who I thought was right for me. My choice, not there's. After all, its me who'd be dating him, not my parents


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  • I guess I'd just follow my heart and try to figure if God would appose.


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