Wondering if he likes me or not?

I have this male friend who I have been really good friends with for a good few years. He is quite shy and also a good bit older than I am. We are both in relationships so nothing would ever happen I just feel I'd like to know. He doesn't go a day without messaging me to see how I am or sending each other funny pics or pictures of our dinner and so on. We can also talk about stuff with one another. He has got drunk and told me had feelings for me but when he sobered up he apologised and said he didn't mean it. It happened a few times after that. Has anyone else been in something similar. I don't need to hear the whole we are in relationships leave it alone I will never act on this.


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What Guys Said 1

  • If it'll never go anywhere then why do you ask? What if he did say he wants to be gf/bf?

    • I wouldn't betray my family or his. It's just something I always wonder if it's true what he says when he is drunk.

What Girls Said 1

  • I'd say he has a crush on you.