If a girl says she has plans every time you try to ask her out for a date, is that her way of saying, "I''m not interested."?

I started to ask a girl out that I had a crush on in my class. After class, I asked her out for a little date to which she said, "Sure!" However, I've tried to arrange days for us to have the date, but she says she's going someplace every time I try to arrange a day. Weekends work best because I'm a senior in high school. I want to know if it's still likely she'll want to go out with me or is she just lying to me about having plans as an excuse to not want to go out. I don't really know which side is higher but I'd hate to give up on her. Thanks for reading!


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  • Yes, it is. Stop asking her and see if she sets one up.


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  • Ask her when she is available for a date. If she's interested she'll find the time to go out with you. If not then she'll be "busy."

    • I'll take that into consideration. What I think I'll do is give her a break to decide for herself. I'll wait about two weeks and I'll go from there.

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    • I'd try again later on. At least she sees me as a "friend" so hopefully it's a sign

    • At that point, if she doesn't bring it up again, then I would assume she isn't interested and move on. However, I've never really loved anyone like that, so I don't know if I would let go so easily. I'm trying to think of this rationally, but love can be irrational.


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  • I have a similar problem lol. I don't just want to drop her either! But she's always busy. I am very direct though, I told her if she doesn't like me to tell her and I'll leave her alone. She said "noo! It's just i've been very busy!" So I suppose that's a good sign lol. Maybe you could try being direct like that. I dunno if that works on a high school girl or just scares her off lol.

  • Yea, that's generally what that means. Sorry man

  • I'd say, "Ok darling, I see your busy and. Call me when things are
    less hectic". Walk away and MAKE her make the next move.