Is this terrible of me for asking my girlfriend this question?

My girlfriend and I have been dating for about 6 months and she has just told me that she gets her lips injected every 6 months because she doesn't really like her lips. The last time she had them done was 4 months ago and she didn't even tell me because she tried to hide it. She had them done while I was away on vacation for a week because she thought I would laugh at her for how puffy they are for the first couple days.

For the record I couldn't even tell the difference and I had no idea she had them done. I like my girl just the way she is and it bothers me that she feels the need have this procedure done just because she doesn't really like her lips that much. Which is in my opinion all because of that fact that she used to do some modeling and persuaded by industry standards. She has an appointment to get them redone in January right before we take a trip to California to see some family.

Would it be wrong of me to ask her if she will stop getting it done?


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  • Maybe ask her if she could skip a session and see if you even notice and then tell her you don't care about full lips I guess

    • That might be a good compromise. I still don't think I would notice the difference though. She said its basically all gone after 6 months. I see those lips everyday and didn't notice one bit when I got back from vacation.

    • You'll just have to be careful how you say it but that you don't think it's necessary anymore


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  • It's not wrong to ask. No is as good an answer as yes. Approach her with love and understanding, and tell her you expect nothing except for her to hear you out before you start. Don't expect her to decide immediately, instead tell her you want her to think about it. Tell her how much you love her and how beautiful she is -- focus on positives about her, don't mention any negatives about the procedure just in case she decides to still do it. When you guys are being intimate, make love to her mouth; caress her lips with your fingers, suck her lips, kiss her deeply. And after going down on you whisper in her ear how you loved seeing her sexy mouth on your c*ck. Hopefully these things will boost her confidence in her lips ;) Good luck!

  • It's okay for you to share your opinion and say I really wish you'd stop just because you haven't had any issues so far doesn't mean you won't but if she doesn't agree I wouldn't force it too much.


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  • Ask her but be very careful with how you do it. Let her know that you like her the way that she is and she doesn't need to have them redone. You need to convince her that she is better the way she is than if she gets her lips done in January. Make sure that she understands what you want and why you want it. Don't force her into a corner and let her pick for herself but make sure that she understands your opinion on the matter. Good luck!

    • I would absolutely be very careful with how I asked her. Like I said I just hate seeing her be that insecure with a part of her body to get lip injections done. It's sad that girls feel the need to do these types of things to their bodies because of the stereotypical fashion standards now a days.

  • Let her do it if it makes her feel better.

    • Man it just bothers me to know that she is that insecure about herself to have it done all the time. Especially with how much said it hurts and how much it costs her.

    • Still it makes her feel good, and as she gets older, especially if she's in a stable relationship, she'll gradually see on her own that this is unnecessary. Whenever possible people should be allowed to come to realizations on their own.