Gorgeous girls who can't get boyfriends?

Not sure if my dear friend since hs is undatable, something wrong with her or the guys she attracts or both. I hate to compare myself to her because she's petite, SMART/poetic af, pretty with or without makeup, angelic voice, she gets really handsome guys/men that are far beyond out of my league (jealous), her aura is calm and soothing but she's shy, BIPOLAR, clingy, rebellious and too adventurous; Meanwhile I look at myself I'm chunky, pretty with makeup, semi smart, not into a crazy lifestyle but I'm talkitive, outgoing and not shy, no mental health problems and i do have a lot of guys but I don't get to choose like she can. The thing is why are pretty girls always single and ugly girls like me can get boyfriends? Can someone explain or can relate


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  • Any woman or man can "get" a boyfriend or girlfriend. It's just all about what you're willing to put up with, what your standards are like, etc. There's nothing special about having a boyfriend and when someone doesn't have one, it's by and large by choice.

  • Well she is bipolar and clingy, of course no one wants her.


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  • Who wants a partner who is clingy and bipolar? Those are deal breakers for most people, no guy wants to be with someone who makes their life difficult. How shallow do you expect the male population to be?