Isn't my girlfriend obsessed with her Idols way too much?

So I'm in relationship with this girl, she is 18, really sweet, cute, we have so much in common, but I feel like she's too much into KPop idols.
I mean, I'm Korean and I love KPop too, but she's way too hardcore.
She keeps calling me 'Oppa' (honestly I found it very cute BEFORE.) and she also saved my phone number as 'Namjoon Oppa', while my name definitely ISN'T Namjoon (Namjoon is one of her idols).
She keeps telling me that I look like Namjoon and the fact that she bought me outfit (as a birthday present) that definitely isn't my style, but her idol wears it and wants me to put it on whenever we have a date is making me really uncomfortable.
The worst thing is I still love her, but I feel like she likes me just because I 'look like' her 'oppa'.. What do you guys think? What should I do?


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What Girls Said 2

  • I think it's fine to have idols, but the situation you described is pretty extreme. I think the relationship won't hold if it continues like this, so I suggest you tell her. I don't think she's only dating you because you look like her idol, but you won't find out unless you confront her about it. And if it is the case, the sooner you find ou the better :)

  • It sounds like she is trying to fulfil some type of fetish/fantasy through you. It's more common than one would think, especially these recent years.

    You should talk to her and set clear boundaries. What is the point of continuing a relationship if you're uncomfortable with the person.


What Guys Said 1

  • I don't think we can really know how she feels about you. Maybe her comments about the kpop guys are exaggerations or may she really wants some image of them which you satisfy. I don't think we can know based off what you said. She reminds me of a child tbh