Is it bad that I'm mid 20s, never dated and enjoy being single and hanging out with friends, pursuig hobbies, activities etc?

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  • It's not bad at all
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  • It's not bad but you should at least be making an effort to meet a potential partner/start dating
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  • So long as you're happy, that's all that matters. There are many things that I did in life when I was younger simply because other people told me that they'd make me happy. And you know, a lot of those things were correct -- but not all of them. You may love dating, you may hate it but if you're happy now then just keep doing what you're doing. I mean, if it is not broke...

  • You do you. Personally i could never be happy without a women in my life, but if you can be then nobody should really worry. The issue is when guys/girls start becoming bitter about being single.

  • No. Most relationship fail these days and many men will tell you women become a pain in the ass more often than not later pass the honeymoon phase.