Don't think I should deal with this person anymore what do you think?

i feel like this person hangs out with me only when I'm spending money. It's been 4 years and wasn't always like this. Tuesday was my birthday she hangs out with me and has sex. Says she will see me Wednesday. Next day she tells me she has been cleaning since 6 and is too tired. Her mom tells me a different story. I don't see her. Since she broke her promise I wanted to break my promise that I was going to take her to hollowscream with me. Even though I really want to go. Tell her I can't make it because my car need s repairs she begs and begs. I keep saying no even though I want to go. My mom says I should go so I did. Then she says she will come over on Friday multiple times on Thursday. Make up for Wednesday or whatever. I get a text on Friday at 6 that she has to help her mom with something she will call when she gets home. She text me at 8 saying sorry can't make it. This was happening for the last month in a half of the relationship. I didn't reply I feel like I'm being used and don't want to talk to this person anymore what do you think?


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  • I had a hard time reading your post. Briefly tell me what she is doing wrong?

    • This girl has been lying to him in order to get out of seeing him when he's not taking her out somewhere.

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  • yeah mate, does sound like that, or just really unlucky timings.