If you're interested in a relationship what is the best way to go about it in your opinion?

if you're interested in a relationship what is the best way to go about it in your opinion?

People often either say "go for it and make an effort" and "it will come to you when you the least expect it". I have tried both, where i met a guy just randomly when i wasn't really looking, and where I got an account on dating apps and met guys thorugh there.

I just moved and I have met tons of guys, and the 2 guys i was kinda interested in either had a girlfriend or didn't show any form for interest. The guys who have expressed interest haven't been guys I have been interested in.

So by doing nothing I dont get a date and by being on a dating app i dont seem to get a date either. Should I keep trying or just accept that dating isn't in the cards right now? I haven't had a date in over a year and im strating to get depressed


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  • I just ask them out.. You have to put in effort too! There's a lot of girls I just stop talking to because I feel like I'm doing all the work.

    • but I dont even get to the point where thats an actual option. Just getting in touch with guys i like is hard for me. All the guys, as usual, that i actually have gotten the opportunity to get to know and like hangig out with are just my friends.

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    • from experience if a guy doesn't ask you out he isn't interestd, thats why I rarely if ever ask a guy out any more

    • Not the case.. Keep in mind that there are a LOT of people on dating sites. If you see a guy you think is cute or whatever you girls say, then send him a message. It doesn't hurt to try (much) and you never know.

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  • Well you need to try and be friends with people before you just seek out a person. You also need to be happy and satisfied with your life and learn to grow as a person. Yes, things do take effort. But unless you get to know people on the level you both are comfortable with, it won't work out. Plus your approaching this the wrong way.


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  • Join a group of likeminded individuals and court.


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  • Well short of writing single on your face...
    Try doing things you like and find guys with similar interests. Be confident and independent. Then, if you see a guy you like, you could get to know them better and compliment them. Then, get impatient and say- hey I like you. lol

  • I had a friend of. Friend set me up recently.
    Just try lots of apps at same time and don't focus on one.
    Don't be looking for a relationship outright - just for new friends