I'm not allowed to date, but there's this guy I really like... what do I do?

I'm a freshman, almost 15 years old, and there's this guy who I like. He's a junior, going to be 17 this school year, and he likes me too. I'm pretty sure he's going to ask me out, and I want to say yes, but according to my parents, I'm not allowed to date. My mom says until I'm 35, and my dad says until my junior year. It's not like I'm a bad kid, I don't and have never smoked or done drugs, I get good grades and am very motivated and ambitious, and I don't often get into trouble, nor have I ever gotten into serious trouble. I know it's because they're very protective, but they seem too protective over their responsible, independent daughter. What do I do?


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  • I think the best thing you can do is be open with your family. Maybe talk to your mum about this boy that you like or if it's easier to talk to your dad then mention it to him. If you're open and honest with your family about how you feel and how you think, they're more likely to trust you and be a little less strict on you when it comes to certain things. The worst mistake you can make is lying to them about it or going behind their backs because when they find out (and they will) they're going to have a lot less sympathy for you than if you were to tell them the truth right from the start.

  • This 'allowed to date' thing is weird to me, never had it in my family. I think parents should let their children evolve romantically in that sense. Guess it is sex your family is afraid you are gonna have. The point is, don't get pregnant! Or STDs. Use a lot of protection. And then nothing bad will happen. But my advice is, take it slow. Don't rush into anything you could end up having to tell your family about. But I don't see any reason not to allow yourself to enjoy a crush because your parents said you couldn't.