Have you had relationships that moved too fast? How do you recover from that?

So I went on a few dates with a girl. After the second date, she was really excited. However, the third date got more serious. She started feeling pressured and felt that things were moving fast and she wanted to slow things down. I understood all of that but it sorta made me feel miserable. She also said that maybe I am at a place where she is not at (I already knew I wanted a relationship, and she didn't). She discussed the potential of just being friends only. We sort of left the conversation that we will re-evaluate. I am just not quite sure at this point. What should I do? Is there a way to recover from all of this?


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  • at least she told you early on about how she feels and where she stands before you were like a couple months in etc. I'd say give her some space since she wants to be friends and if she talks to you then respond but don't go out of your way anymore since you're "just friends" to her.


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  • Yes, I did. I freaked out and would ruin things lol. Things never ended well.

  • It's not about the relationship moving too fast, it's about not wanting a relationship with you at all. It's the girl version of when guys say that they like you, but isn't really the commitment type.

  • I hate when guys do that. What is the damn rush?


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