Is it weird that I like guys with the same hair/eye color as me?

I have light brown/dark blonde hair and blue eyes and I like guys that have the same. It's unconsciously, it's just that I think it's weird that every time I find a guy attractive he has my hair and eye color. My first love I didn't think about that he had he same hair and eyes until he was gone so I don't seek out guys with those looks, I just always happen to be drawn to them. Ultimately it comes down to personality but yeah... the blue eyes especially get me though.


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  • People tend to be attracted to people who resemble them, so it's perfectly normal. That's why if you ask someone with dark hair/eyes who they're attracted to, they'll most often answer with "someone with dark hair/eyes". Same thing for blonde/blue eyes and other features.
    Good observation on your own though :)

  • No.

    Even if it were, it wouldn't classify as a problematic weird. Those, you do not want...