I went to a party with my girlfriend and I got kicked out cause I'm from a different town but she stayed?

So i was there for 10 minutes when they told me to leave cause im from a different town. My girlfriend watched me go and didn't even text or call me until after the party ended and all she said was "it sucks that you got kicked out". Im angry though because we had planned for weeks to spend that night together and she just blew me off to stay at the party, didn't even care that i wasn't there. Is it okay for me to be angry about this? and is this breakup worthy?


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  • I say you do have the right. And if she really cared about you, she would have left the party as well. I'm sorry. But I say that its a red flag and a clear indication that she is part of the crowd. And this is bound to happen again. So yes. Just break it off now. Who knows what else is done at that party. Not trying to speculate, but you never know. I wouldn't trust that message, because she is not sorry. She would have left with you. And that is all I'm basically saying. I'm sorry that this even happened to you.


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  • wtf cause ur fromm diff town?

    • Exactly!! Effin weird!! Those people watch too many American films. That doesn't happen in real life.


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  • Are you a character from a movie? That happens in real life? Where do you live? In wannabe movie land?

    It sounds ridiculous... but if it's true.. I'd move away from such ridiculous people and I'd dump that chick. It's so stupid.

  • I'd be very upset. That's just mean.


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