Did I do the right thing by letting her per for her coffee?

So we are both in college and can't drive so we have had two coffee dates. This was actually our second coffee date. She was the one who asked me out on the first coffee date. When we were in line she asked me what I wanted first and I was like "I don't know." Then we were in the front of the line about to order and she said "what do you want, I'm paying" I said "no it's fine" and then she said "fine!" in a sassy way. So we both payed for our own on the first coffee date.

Anyways, I asked her out to a second coffee date. So I asked her what she wanted and she told me. We were waiting in line and she took out her credit card and held it in her hand and there was still a couple people in front of us. I said "I got you". She then said "uh uh!" with a bit of sas. I then said "what, I was the one who asked you out, what are you a feminist?" She says nothing and just laughs.

Did I do the right thing by letting her pay?


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  • Honestly who cares lol I feel like we need to stop obsessing over these gender roles and all that. I do think the guy should offer to pay however if she's not comfortable and wants to split its fine and in the end, a relationship is a 50-50 partnership so there's nothing wrong with her contributing as well. It's too early though so I'd say offer to pay however if you find it offends her then don't bother her and offer to split.


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