How long is a reasonable time after getting shut down to ask out another girl?

There was this girl that I asked out 3 weeks ago and she shut me down. I was pretty upset, but I got over it pretty quickly and now I'm thinking about asking out this other girl. Is 3 weeks to short? Should I wait longer? I see this girl that shut me down almost every day, would it be bad if she suddenly saw me dating this other girl 3 weeks later?

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  • As much time as I feel is necessary to get over the one before her.

    If you think you've had enough time to get over her, go for it. So what if she sees you with the other girl? Maybe she'll realize what she's lost and become jealous / come crawling back to you.


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  • Depends on how into the first girl you were. If you are over her in 3 weeks you probably weren't too interested anyway.

    I say go for it.

  • Around half of hour

  • 1 hour sounds too much haha