Long distance boyfriend sucks at communication disinterested or bad sign?

I began dating a guy I met online LD a couple months ago. Yes we have met and I am visiting him very soon. He is very excited to see me and even cancelled a trip w/friends to be w/me those days. That to me is a very good sign. I can't shake the feeling though that he isn't as into me as I am into him. The other day he told me how lucky he was to find someone like me and really wants a relationship w/me, for me I wish I felt that. The thing is I feel like I initiate a lot, vid chats (he has initiated a few times), he is always open to talk to me for a couple hours, but I wish he would initiate a vid chat.

He has been a terrible texter from the start, so I don't know if that's just him or just not attentive. I am over being w/guys who don't have the same enthusiasm for me as I do for them. Could this be anxiety from being treated poorly? I feel as though if someone truly cares about you, you won't even be doubting whether they care for you. Yesterday there was very little texts from him and it felt good when another guy started hitting on me. I did shut him down right away.


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  • I can understand the lack of initiation regarding vid chats. My ex would always facetime me, or be the one to call me. I rarely did so myself. Personally, I prefer texting and face-to-face communication. He might be the same way.
    Visit him (assuming nothing about him seems off) and see how he acts around you.


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  • I am sorry that you feel that way , but sometimes the text thing does not matter so much for some guys than it does for some girls 😞 but it does not mean that he is not interested you know.