My friends with benefits is going to meet my rents?

I met this guy over two years ago in college - I lived in residence and he lived in the suburbs at home. He's one year older than me, and almost every week he'd drive down to see me. We basically hooked up one night and ever since couldn't keep our hands off each other. We great sex and conversations together. It went on for several months but wasn't getting anymore serious. After a year and a bit I stopped hearing from him, and because he wasn't texting me I still didn't initiate. I had thought my relationship with him was over.

Months later he got in touch admitting he was an idiot and the reason we stopped talking was because he still had feelings for his ex-gf. They went out together for 3 years, and I don't know the whole story but I knew he loved her (were eachothers 'first love') and she ended up cheating on him I think. We both talked about how much we like seeing each other and how he can't picture me not being in his life. However, after graduating I had moved back home to my family so now we were even farther away. He told me that if we lived in the same town things would be different. But every 2 weeks, he still comes down to see me. He wants to come over next weekend but my dad will be home. I've never met his parents and he's never met mine, and we both told each other before a long time ago that we only introduced serious bf/gfs potential to our parents. But reality is that now that we both live at home again, and if we want to see each other, we're going to have to go through it. How can I make him feel comfortable about meeting my dad?


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  • Is your dad pretty cool? Just tell him that. Parents aren't some other species. We were all young before we got older. Most parents are thrilled to see their children successfully dating. We want to like the boyfriend or girlfriend. Unless your dad is a control freak he doesn't have anything to worry about.


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  • Just meet in the day somewhere else?