Just asked this girl out, what does her reply mean?

I told my friend I liked her and asked her if she'd go to dinner with me or get a drink.

She replied: "I'll think about it, to be honest I've never thought about us like that but you know I'm always down for a drink."

Not sure what that means. Is she going to seriously consider it because she mentioned getting the drink?


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  • I think she rejected you at 80%, and the 20% is her maybe trying to give it shot but she's skeptical.
    So it's mostly a rejection, but not completely. Just 80% or 90 % rejected instead of 100%.


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  • I think she was completely honest. Just make sure she has a great time when you go out and she may start to see you as more than a friend. But don't make other people ask girls out for you next time, it gives the impression that you are immature

  • She's never thought about you in that way, but she'll think about it, so maybe if you two go for a drink there could be a chance she could change her perspective on you. Maybe, maybe not.

  • she says no


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