Need advice please. He said he's interested but hasn't shown it yet, even after I have?

I have been seeing a guy for about a month now. We texted for a while and instead of asking me out on a date he came to my house. I cooked for him and thought maybe he would ask me out after. He has come to my house 4 times now and every time I've cooked for him. He hasn't asked me to his house or even brought any ingredients or even a bottle of wine. He says he likes me and will occasionally call me his girl, even though he hasn't asked me out on a date. I hinted it to him once but he obviously didn't get the hint or he just ignored it. We've made out several times but haven't actually had sex. I'm worried that this guy is just using me for food (I know, worst kind of user). When I suggested that he wasn't into me, he said that he is planning on taking me out before we have sex and that he cared about me. But won't someone who cares about me take me out on a first date, offer to cook for me too or even buy some ingredients at least once ( i'm a student so I'm on a tight budget :) please advice me, shall I move on or shall I wait?


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  • I don't know about this guy in particular, but I don't think he's using you just for food, the way I see it, what you're waiting for, the "will you go on a date with me" thing is almost gone nowadays, I've dated 3 girls this past year, and I haven't ask them if they wanted to go out with me or if they wanted to be my girlfriend, later down the line you have to have a conversation, but as far as the first few months I think very few man like yo have "the talk", I don't know if that's what you're expecting really, but maybe he already thinks you guys are dating, if you're in doubt just ask, I can't speak for all guys, but I'm really simple, So I think you should just ask what's up, good luck


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  • I don't think he's using you. At least, not for food. He's probably having fun with you and he wants to continue doing that.