Does he like me just for my looks?

i've been going out with this guy for almost 3 weeks now and everything is going really well. He's great and i really like him. He tells me everyday that i'm pretty or cute and i think that's really sweet of him and i do get compliments from other people as well but it makes me wonder if he only likes me for my looks. We're not official yet but the other night he asked me if i want to meet his family which kinda scares me cos i feel like it's too early for that. I don't even think i'm that great for a guy to introduce me to his parents right away. Does he really like me that much?


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What Guys Said 1

  • ? Yes... Yes he really do. 😊😈😊...

    • But don't you think it's too early to meet the parents?

    • It is. If you feel scared 10/10 you'll be looking stupid infront of them.

What Girls Said 1

  • It's hard to say, however it's a good thing that he wants you to meet his parents. It's an indication that he is serious about you.