Am I looking too far into this?

Went on date with a girl (girl a), went great. Chatted for a bit and then got ghosted. After a few weeks msged her asking if she wanted to go out again and if I hear nothing id assume no. Got a reply and she said ran into ex and blah blah still working past things. Anyway to my question. Ended up recently chatting with one of girl a's friend on an online dating site. Didn't know they were friends before hand but it looks like the chick I just started talking to (girl b) may be in a relationship or recently ended one. to me it seems like girl a is having her friend (girl b) look into me before figuring out on if we should go on a second date. So again, am I being paranoid and looking into this too far or is this really happening.


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  • Girls talk, if you were one of my guy friends... I'd advise you not to get into it. Gonna be too much drama since they know each other and you know both of them.


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  • I wouldn't put it past her necessarily, but that does seem like a bit of a stretch unless girl A knew that you were on that dating site. It sounds like a pretty big mess though and I'd just stay away from both of them personally.