Me and my other half haven't been getting on I'm trying to give him some space as we live together, shall I text him?

Me and my partner live together we haven't been getting on recently due to numerous factors, last night we had a conversation and we agreed that we love one another and we don't want to split up, but a few things need to change, this morning he went to leave without even saying bye, he won't be home until I'm asleep tonight should I text him today or should I just leave him and give him some space?


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  • Give him some space. The tense conversation just happened last night so giving him a break from that is fair if that's what he wants (and it seems like that's what he'd want).


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  • I would leave him for today. But today only. Let him gather his thoughts.

    Did you talk about what needs to change? Did you blame him for a lot of things? If you have made him feel guilty in any way he is probably feeling bad and you shouldn't nag him. People only change on their own free will you can't force them.