Is she not interested?

so I met this girl on a dating app, I know they're not the best places to meet but it's all I have right now. Anyway, We story talking on the app and it's flowing well evtually I ask her out and ask for her number. We exchanged numbers and kept texting. We had one date planned but she cancelled because she had a job interview the next day. I said ok and rescheduled to that following weekend. She did continue to hit me up, even with a "you up" at like 1230am. We continue talking. Day of the date we're talking and I mention the date and she tells me she's starting a new job and moving into a new place, she can't go out tonight. I say fine, I try to reschedule. The next day we're talking she tells me she's soverwhelmed with moving and her new job, she says "who even has time to go out?" Like is she even interested? Is she making excuses? Or am I just overthinking this entirely?


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  • She only texts you at 12:30? I smell fuckgirl lmao

  • Making exuses. ..


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