I dont know what I did?

I've known this girl for about a year we were friendly to each other but never really friends until about 3 months ago when we started hanging out regulary she is close with my family and then her brothers cancer came back and i told her i was there for her and she was very grateful but over the last 3 she has been canceling our plans ignoring my texts we went to a party together and she ignored me pretty much the entire night she's stopped liking my posts on facebook she used to like every one of them and she stopped sending me snapchats my grandmother was in the hospital last night and all of my friends called or texted to make sure i was alright she never did which i find upsetting as she knows her very well can anybody give me advice as to why this is happening


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  • You didn't do anything, but she's currently experiencing a difficult time.

    • I know she is but she said i was one of her best friends and i told her she can call me whenever she needs anything and she hasn't she calls her coworker who she has never even spent time with and is 38 years old for two months we went out multiple times a week and really got to know each other inside and out so i dont know why she is hesitant to come to me when she's upset

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  • You've known this girl long enough that you need to have a actual talk. All the people on the internet can speculate what's going through her head, but she's the only one that knows. You need to ask her why she is being this way towards you.