Does she like me?

Okay so there's this girl whom I've known for a while (I mean for a month), we have class together and we talk and joke around and we also see each other in school. So one day we were in class and my teacher was explaining the lesson when I tried to look into her direction to see if she would look at me, I didn't look at her though, I looked at someone from the other group and smiled at them to see if she was getting jealous, I was kind of testing her, She looked at me once but that was it. When my teacher was explaining the lesson she had her feet like really close to mine, then I "accidentally" hit her foot because her foot was like really close to mine and she said "oh sorry" I didn't know if she was stretching her legs or what but I read online that if a girl has her feet or body toward you that she's interested but she might've been just stretching and i could've been over thinking. We barely talk outside of class except for the occasional "What's up" when we look at each other in the hallway. So does she like me? I'm not crazy if she does because I'm always playing around with other girls in my school so yeah, I won't be bothered.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I'll second or third that opinion. I don't see there's anything there.

  • That doesn't mean anything.


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  • Man you can't assume anything from this. All you gotta do is create further interactions with her which will give you signs that are bit more obvious.