If a girl doesn't ask questions about you does that mean she is not interested?

I went to a LabCorp today do take a drug test for a job. I saw a good looking girl and she smiled when I walked in so after i signed in at the clipboard I sat down next to her and after about 2 minutes or so I started a conversation.

But she barely talked at all and the answers she gave me were yes or no answers with very little additional commentary. I asked about which job she was testing for and how did the interview go and so forth. And whenever I said something and stopped talking she would not initiate any conversation from her own side so after 5 or 6 of these exchanges I remained silent. And after about 3 minutes the doctor called my name to get tested.

I also noticed that this girl asked not a single question about ME like my age, what kind of work I did, why I was coming to the labcorp, etc.

Does this mean she didn't like me? This is not the first time I have encountered this. GIrls almost NEVER ask me any questions about myself and I always take that as a sign that they are not interested or attracted to me. So I never even get to the asking for her phone number part because there is no "momentum" in the conversation.


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  • I mainly agree with the fact that she was just being nice and didn't really find you attractive or else she'd like to know more about you.


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  • So the kind of behavior people exudes towards a very attractive person and unattractive person is pretty much same. You know what type of person you are. So either she's very interested to you or uninterested or tensed about her test.

    • Wait, im not sure I understand. How in the universe would she be "very interested in me"? I had to pull the answers from her and I felt like a detective trying to get a murderer to confess.

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  • She either doesn't like you or feels awkward and annoyed

    • Thanks. I thought maybe if I found something she enjoyed talking about that the conversation would flow naturally. I was dressed like a slob though with just a tshirt, shorts and flipflops and I had not shaved in 2 days. wasn't really expecting to run into good looking women.

      Thanks for the feedback =)

    • no prob and dont sweat it, conversation will come naturally with the right girl !

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  • Yes, sounds like she's not interested.

  • Yeah they are just being nice answering yours but are not interested

    • Yeah, I had the same thing happen to me on an airplane ride also. I was just trying to start up a convo so that the time would go by quicker but this chick continued to give me just one sentence answers and I noticed that if I kept my mouth shut that she would not say anything from her own side. Then on another airplane ride I was talking to another girl and was getting a similar response. And after like 15 minutes she said "Im really tiresd, Im going to take a nap" and then turned toward the window and slept. Boy, did I ever feel like an idiot after that one! - I dont even get it, im actually a pretty handsome guy and look 10 years younger than my real age. =(

    • Yeah at least you see what is going on now and realize what's happening, I guess all you can do is keep trying, it's possible they didn't want to keep the convo going for other reasons like maybe has a boyfriend or just not looking to get involved with someone at the moment or just not interested in you , but see how fickle women can be?