Should I have just left my boyfriend alone or help?

Hi :) my boyfriend is having three exams next week and he's stressed and doesn't have time to talk cos he's cramming and even though I only have a bit of an idea of the topics I wanted to do some research and help him study, like make summaries or little anecdotes which will help him remember things more easily. When I told my best friend she was weirded out and was like why the hell would you do that, give him space to study by himself and stop being clingy :(
I wasn't and I totally respect the fact that he doesn't have time to text/chat, I just wanted to take some pressure off his workload. So was that a turn off and should I just leave him alone?


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  • No, that's nice of you. You know, when I was younger I had a boyfriend in uni, we broke up, but years later he said he really appreciated that I helped him study.
    Like you're helping him to achieve, that's what good girlfriends do, just like good boyfriends do that. It's good to support him if he needs it and leave him to study quietly if he needs it.


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  • Offer to help him out. I am sure he will appreciate it.