If your mom and sister told you to date a girl... would you do it (please read details)?

so this guy he's 2 years older than me, but we flirt all the time and his sister recently told me she thinks we should date, then today she told me that she told him that we should date and their mom agreed and he said "but she's 2 years younger.." so here comes my two questions; 1) since he only said that i'm younger, does that mean he likes me and thinks i'm just too young? 2) if so do you think he will get over the fact that i'm younger since wis mom and sister like me so much?


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What Guys Said 2

  • No, I wouldn't. My mom taught at my school when I was in middle school, so she got to know all the people I knew.
    This year I didn't have a date to homecoming, ('cause I'm a sad and lonely loser) and she started listing off names of girls she thought I should go with.
    I replied, "This isn't India, mom. No arranged marriages here." The point is, just because his family likes you, doesn't mean he does. But it doesn't mean he doesn't, because one of the names my mom listed off was one of the girls who turned me down for homecoming.

  • No I would not. No one can tell me what to do...

    • and I don't see how it would differ for any other guy.

What Girls Said 1

  • 1) that could be true. He could really like you, but maybe he doesn't want to date younger girls.
    2) well it doesn't really matter if his mom and sister like you so much. it really doesn't matter because he will be the one to decide.