Why does it seem like guys are more interested in me through online dating than if they meet me through real life?

I haven't had many guys (maybe 2 haha) show much interest in dating me through my everyday life, which is why I thought I would try online dating. But any guy I have met and dated from online has wanted to date more or start a relationship. They seem to really like me and compliment my appearance etc, so they think I am attractive somewhat. They have all actually asked me why I do online dating because I am cute etc so I think they truly think that haha. I am shy. Could that be it?


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  • Because you're probably unattractive or uninteresting. A percentage on guys online are desperate and uninteresting

    • Then why are they suprised I do online dating? Haha

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    • Like how you changed your answer from unattractive to average lmao...

    • Lol you don't have a picture so I have to go off of your responses as they come.


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  • No one likes you.

  • catfish

  • With online, people can build up a fantasy and infatuation can be stronger but in real life, there is much less room for that due to reality.

    I don't think many people are aware of the psychological impact of online Vs offline either.

    • I think I get what you mean. I notice the same guys constantly looking at my profile daily. I think its a little weird but yeah haha.

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