Was she a rebound? What does he want?

I was with this guy a year. I was his first everything. Girlfriend, kiss, took his virginity. And I'm even pregnant by him now. We broke up because I hurt him. But I tried everything I could to get him back. Every time I told him I was going to give him his space, he would end up texting me that night making conversation. A week after we broke up, he started liking a new girl. He's not an asshole, and not cold hearted either. His friend told me that my ex told him and his other best friend about the girl. I guess it only went on for about a week, but my ex's friend said she was probably just a rebound to try and get over me because he knows he really loves me. The other day I guess, his friend asked him how we were doing and he said he didn't want to talk about it - wasn't sure what he wanted and didn't know if it was going to work out.. something along those lines. Although he has never told me that. I guess he tells the guys that. I haven't talked to him in a couple days, I want to give him his time and space to think. But it's hard when he texts me and I don't want to be rude and not text back, almost as if he wants to think but still wants to talk to me..? I'm confused, so guys can you help me out a bit here?

Thank you for reading, sorry it's so long, answers would be MUCH appreciated! :)


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  • I think it would be good to see if he would go on a date with him, you have been finding out a lot of news from friends which can mix it up. If you can get him on a date, ask him where you guys stand. If he is asking for space try not to ask him what he is doing and who he is with, it will just push him away


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  • He could be regretting things about yall breaking up, and plus he is realizing that he is going to be dealing with you for the rest of yalls lives because of this unborn child. I would try to talk to him again and see if you could work things out for the babys sake. Try to work a schedule of time to see each other and allow him to do his thing and you do your own thing. Everyone needs space at times. Everyone has needs and wants in life and everyone was raised differently. Not two people will be the same in everything. If yall so happen not to work out at all, at least be nice and not trash talk each other around the child when he/she grows up because it does put a strain on the child (believe me, been there and done that with my parents, and they still do it now). I hope things can work out between you, but if not, there are millions of guys out there. I wish you, him and the baby best of luck.