Is he genuinely busy, or just isn't interested?

I've been texting a guy for 3 weeks, coming to 4 soon, we have busy schedules and we both know that. We still haven't met as we matched online.

He's always forward with starting conversations and seems caring about how I am doing. He would send me good morning and good night texts. However, past few days, he responds really late - saying he just got off work at midnight, or doesn't respond till the next morning. He would apologize for replying late, such as yesterday he would respond at 1am to my message that I sent at 9am that day, and then say "sorry for the belated message, my weekday finally ended" and then this morning I sent him a message and he would say "Good morning you :)"

Is he genuinely busy or just isn't that interested? It's hard to know because I still haven't met him and this is the longest I've texted someone without meeting.


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  • Not interested. It's a shame that the guy won't just be honest..


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  • If he hasn't come out to see you yet after this long of contact, he is just not interested. I had a guy go across the border after 3 days of speaking to me. And he first saw/ reached out to me on instagram. If a guy really likes you, he'd put in the effort, time and find a way to be around you.