Non virgin men! Who would you date?

1) a non virgin girl who prefers non virgin guys
2) a virgin girl who prefers a non virgin guy

  • 1st one
    12% (1)42% (5)30% (6)Vote
  • 2nd one
    38% (3)33% (4)35% (7)Vote
  • I am a virgin guy
    25% (2)17% (2)20% (4)Vote
  • I am not straight
    25% (2)8% (1)15% (3)Vote
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  • Non virgin men should stick with non virgin women. Just like non virgin women should stick with non virgin men. Only a hypocrite non virgin would have preferences for something that they themselves are clearly not.

    • What if I am a virgin girl who will never date a virgin guy?

  • both. i dont date someone if she is virgin or not. i always listen to my very heart.

  • I picked one because I was with one virgin and she cried and I didn't like it, it made me feel bad, I didn't show that emotion but it would have been different had I been a virgin. I just knew we weren't going to be together so I felt bad. To her I don't think she took it as serious as even I did surprisingly. That was a long time ago and we were young. No more virgins for me I'm good.

  • Virginity doesn't factor in who i'd prefer in a date. A girl's taste in music is more important to me than whether she prefers a non virgin guy or not.


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