Why do guys say they will call you and they never do!

I have been talking to this guy and it seems like I'm always texting him and he doesn't me. I asked him the other day if we could talk on the phone and he said he had a long day and he would call me the next day he never did. Should I stop trying so hard and move on is that a clear sign we are done? Why did he tell me if something was wrong he would tell me? he keeps telling me everything is fine but he never texts me anymore.


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  • thats like me at the start of the year... had a friend who I used to text though and she'd always say she'll text me up, even though I'm texting and calling her, it still felt like I was being pushed away by her... then I figured the best thing to do, was do the same thing, then eventually she realised what I was doing... now she texts me- but I cannot be bothered for I've moved on...

    So I'd say the best thing is just move on and find yourself someone else... its the only way that you'll go through...


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  • just move on. obviously he had meant to call you the next day then he would have and if he had forgetten then he would have at least text you within the week. I say just move on and look for someone else


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  • I'm in ur same situation -_- I know how annoying it feels. If anything he's just playing games. Just try to talk to him in person if you ever get the chance.

    • Is it a bad thing if I'm always texting him, he did respond should I stop and wait a couple of days and see if he texts me back will I get a better idea if he's interested? I really liked him I have a fear of getting too close to someone and I don't know if that is why he stopped. I get nervous and I'm not the greatest at communication on the first date, but that changes when I get a chance to know someone better. I only wish men can see this.

    • Yea. I kno what you mean. If you want you can try not txting him and see what happens. But then ur just influencing the game more. I honestly think the best thing to do is to try and talk to him in person. People need to try and handle situations like this with a little more maturity. I wish you luck. And also, it helps if you distract yourself from him if you can. I know it's hard. But try hanging out with friends or going out and doing other things and see if he txts you in a few days