What does it mean when a guy says he's afraid to be alone with me and that I was too dangerous?

This is after I showed interest toward him. I really really like this guy!!! Help me please!


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  • Maybe he is in a relationship already, or he doesn't want to get tied down yet and thinks you may be a threat to that.


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  • Sounds exactly like my old best friend, how he would talk to me about his crush. Kind of like how much he liked her but basically if he were to be alone with her he wouldn't be able to resist and would want sex. It was strange haha.

    • thanks! did he ever act on his feelings for her?

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    • thanks for sharing all that! I'm wondering if my friend thinks that way about me too.

    • You're welcome! Yeah, it's very complicated.. I think about him a lot, I miss him dearly. I am sure your friends thinks of you often as well :)

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  • Sounds like he finds you extremely attractive. What I'm getting at is, if he's alone with you he'd want to have sex. Maybe he has morals or is religious or height not eben be able to control himself, who knows.

  • He is a lucky guy to have you show interest in him, tell him to stop being shy and accept you, give him your whatsapp it's easier to chat to the girl for shy guys.


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