Do we have a chance?

I've been talking to this guy who I have a thing for and of course, as Im getting to know him, Im starting to like him even more. The only thing is we're both just really different people with really different lifestyles. In a way, we're the same but considering the way we are in general, we're just different. He's been really open about how he feels about me which is yes he likes me and wants to get to know me. He said that he wants to change up his lifestyle into something better because he has been through a lot, he went to jail, he was a drug dealer and loves to party. But after getting out, he said he's looking forward to a change and thinks Im good for him. So if he is serious about changing, like really changing his ways and getting his stuff together, then Im willing to be in a relationship with him. But for now, Im just observing things here and there and I cannot see myself being with him in a serious way. So I dont know what I should do since I do have feelings for him but if I wanna be smart about it, I dont think I should get involved with him in a serious way. I feel like Ill be dealing with a lot of drama. At this point, it doesn't look like he's serious about changing even though he keeps bringing it up. I can just tell he's not in the right place to make a change. I can just date him for now but is it even worth it? considering out super different lifestyles? We like each other but we're different. Will it work?


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  • Change is hard in that age


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  • Tell him ok fuck off. Probs gay anyway.