What does it mean if he doesn't communicate with you the day after first time having sex?

So you meet someone online, you talk throughout the day everyday for a while. Things seem great. You decide to have sex. He says he had a great time and asks you what you're doing the following week. Before he leaves you hug and kiss goodbye and he says he'll ttyl. The next day you hit him up like normal. He takes forever to respond and it's only one word when he does. Not a peep after that. Did you just get the shaft? Should you wait longer for him to start communicating like before? If yes, how long? Do you ask if it was a one time thing? What do you do?


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  • His comments, while it shows interest, implies after sex he does not wish to go further - these scenarios are rare after showing great interest in you. Moreover, whatever the reason, you may never know why he changed his mind.

    Also, he may have said those comments simply to be polite - girls do sometimes as well.

  • Get on with your life and forget him


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