Is this a good enough reason to believe he's talking to another girl?

Me and my boyfriend have been going through a rough patch. He's been having family issues and has been distant with everyone. We finally got to talk on the phone this morning around 3am. Suddenly he cut me off saying he'd call me back. It'd been 20 mins so I called back and according to my phone he was talking to someone else. He must of been on the phone for at least an hour. I've just woke up and haven't talked to him yet. Does this sound fishy or am I being paranoid?


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  • How did you know he was talking to someone else? Like how are you able to make that determination?

    Anyway, no I don't think that that's reason enough. It's certainly possible, especially if you know for a fact that he was talking to someone else, but there are certain people in my life who have always trumped my girlfriend. For example, if my little sister calls, I will always take that call and call back my girlfriend later. You mentioned he has been having family issues so that could have totally been a call that that he felt he needed to take.

    That said, calls at 3am are typically of the non-family nature and it's definitely fishy, but I don't think it's enough information simply because when you make this type of accusation, you want to know for sure.


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  • it was probably a Facebook call correct? Facebook says in another call when you try calling someone and they're on the phone and yes its true because same happened with my boyfriend not as long as that though and I texted him and said who're you talking to and he said he called his supervisor at work because he was late for work that day and the reason I tried calling Him was because he texted me saying.. I think I mite be fired lol so of course I call right away and it said in another call... it won't do it from a normal number. he's very fishy


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