Why don't people tell the personthe truth... what they want out of the "relationship"?

In a relationship I've had one guy who told me he was confused on what he wanted and want sure he wanted a relationship. Then kissed me afterwards. . So he was sending mix signals. Why can't people girls and guys be honest what they want? I will respect you more if you tell me you just want to fuck me. It won't happen because I want a real relationship. When a guy lies about that and plays me, I disregard him. . I won't, talk to him., but the more guys play me the more I want nothing to do with relationships.


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  • Well, he could legitimately be telling you the truth and he genuinely doesn't know what he wants. Yes, he could be just playing you or confused. Either way, best to just avoid people like that.

    • I thought he wanted to be with me and really liked me, we had sex and he's with another girl.. played..

    • Right, he only wanted sex I would say. Sorry to hear that!

    • Thank you. I appreciate that.

What Girls Said 1

  • He was not sending you mixed signals. He simply wanted to get laid.