Why would you date someone that doesn't have the characteristics that you're looking for?

I just recently started dating a guy who is sexually adventurous and says that he also wants his significant other to be the same. The problem is that I am a virgin. Why would he waste his time on me if I'm clearly not what he's looking for? I asked him why he's even paying attention to someone who is the opposite of what he likes and he responded by saying that it's because he "likes me".
I feel as if I'm just not good enough. He even said that I'm not at the level to be in a relationship with him just yet after I asked him if he sees me as a potential girlfriend... Any takes?


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  • Apparently you have other qualities he loves that make up for that one characteristic. He has probably learned that people almost never find someone who ticks off all their boxes.


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  • The fact that you're a virgin still doesn't mean you're not adventurous. It just didn't happen yet but who knows what type of person you are when it comes to sex? Plus you are winning just for the fact that you found someone that likes you the same way you like them, some of us don't have the same luck. Enjoy him! And stop asking what did he see in you


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  • Maybe he thinks you'll be sexually adventurous after you lose your virginity.


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  • Wow super cool guy. So cool it's crazy 😒

    • What do you mean?

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    • are you being sarcastic?

    • What is the question again?