Is he interested in me?

I joined in a new oworkplace around 6 months back. I have seen this guy from other team on and off and have seen him looking at me at time. We hadn't interested though. Then a few weeks ago I met him in the lift. And he asked a lot of questions about me. I have always found him to be attractive. There have been a few smiles and his hellos after that. Then came a day when I bought some food to share at workplace to share with the whole team. He belongs to the other team. Asked him if he wants to share.. he said he has already got his lunch. After that I felt he has been ignoring me.. it's more like sexual tension now.. we don't smile. But end up looking at each other without smiling. Rather catch each other looking at each other. Dunno weat her he likes me or is ignoring me.


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  • my opinion - i dont feel any heat between u 2... but give it more time


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  • I am sorry, but I don't think he's interested in you.