What kind of stuff should I be ok with when my boyfriend talks to this new girl mate?

My boyfriend has made a new friend at work and she is pretty and in a relationship but they message each other everyday pretty much and snapchat occasionally. He used to be open about it and now because I ask so much he's getting pissed off with me and won't show me what they talk about. Should I go on his phone? And what stuff should I be ok with them saying to each other, like if he's saying she looks nice or having banter should I just let that go?


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  • Do they hang out one on one? I can understand the nerves, but snooping through his phone is a bit ridiculous. If you're that uncomfortable with your boyfriend having girl-friends it should be brought up early into the relationship. My buddy is married and they have a no opposite sex friends rule. Everyone has different views of whats inappropriate. Some people flirt a bit and don't see it as flirting, some people don't do anything remotely like it and think the other person is being insensitive. If you want to go on his phone you may as well say 'no female friends/we should breakup'


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  • Do they hang out together? Does he talk a lot about her? Does he ignore you in order to converse with her?

    • They are police officers and work the same beat but other than that don't hang out outside of work. He mentions her a lot and he won't ignore me unless she is messaging him loads