Met a guy, talked, texted daily, he's younger than me, spent last 3 weekends together, had a great, time, now a day gone by no call or text?

I guy and i flirted with each other for a few weeks at his job, he gave me his number, i called that night, we talked for days, he texted me daily, we hung out 3 weekends in a row. So its like we are on our 7th date. he's 10 years younger than me. We get along great, laugh a lot, have amazing connection. Had soo much fun this weekend. he is very caring, sweet, and polite. After our recent weekend away his phone got wet. I brought him home with it still not working and He said ill get another one tomorrow so i can call you and that he would miss me. A day went by no call, i called him no answer , he called me right back but i didn't answer bc i didn't hear it ring. This morning he didn't text me good morning like he usually did. I like him and think he likes me. am i being paranoid? Should I call or text him again later or wait for him. This is the longest we haven't talked/texted since we started talking 3 weeks ago... I can't help but feel like something is wrong... Am i reading too much into things?


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  • Actually you should go meet him in person, that will help


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  • Don't pressure him. Perhaps he is overthinking the whole situation and needs time and you trying to reach him won't help. Give him time and see if he gets back to you.