Is she playing games with me or trying to break me down?

I met this girl about a month ago and asked her for her number right on the spot, She gave it to me and we went on a date 2 days after, everything went well. we continue talking over text and calls. We hung out 2 times after word. about a week n half ago she started changing and losing interest in talking to me. we ended up breaking up from my behalf because she wasn't putting effort into the whole relationship anymore. We didn't text or talk for about a week. Then i texted her with something that reminded me of her. We texted back and forth and everything is going well, we also spoke on the phone that same day. Yesterday, I seen her at work since we work together and i asked her to go on launch with me. She agreed, after graping launch she asked me a question. She said. " You told me that didn't want to be friend but you still talking to me." i told her that took sometime to think to myself about our situation after the breakup. and i said. " I been emotionally lately and things been stressing me out on top the way spoke to you, and i think we can work something out since i wasn't my self." she said " after what you said to me, i buried my feeling to you and i want to be friends". This morning we were texting and she said that she getting ready to go out. but didn't say with who. I stepped back didn't ask who she's going out with. but my logic is telling that it is not possible to bury her emotion over a week. Is she playing to hard to get, or trying to see how i response and see if i react differently. Is she trying to make me jealous? help please i really don't want to lose her. What should i do?


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  • I would be surprised if she gave up on you in week.

  • You were what fast girls call "slow"... she's tryna force you to make a move. For goodnesssakes bang her already.