What's the deal with kissing with tongue?

So me and my girlfriend have been kissing some recently, not for like super long periods of time but we both really enjoy it. What's the deal with kissing with tongue? It seems like fun I guess but what's good about it and what's not? When is too soon to try and do it?


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  • It can be absolutely wonderful and it can be an absolute nightmare. Some people kiss and like kissing washing-machine - style, which I find horrible and its a huge turn off. But if you get someone with whom you have a good "kissing-chemistry" with, it can be amazing

  • my first "real kiss" was with tongue (I had my first peck on the lips in kindergarten lol) and for me it's super sensual
    if you haven't done it you can try sucking on her lips first and then try to open her mouth with your tongue, if she doesn't want to french kiss she will just keep her mouth close or pull slightly away


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  • Let me tell you the awkwardness that happens from this, it has happened to me a lot of times with girls on first dates, you need to guess always if she wants tongue or not, sometimes I accidently lick their lips because they don't use tongue, other times they lick mine.. not good.

    My advice is don't tongue unless your girl does it first