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So I have gone on 4 dates with this guy. By the third date we kissed and then tonight on our 4th date we held hands kissed the typical of what a couple would do. He also invited me to a family function of his, so I am thinking he is starting to take this seriously haha. He treats me like a princess and the best I have ever been treated by a guy but the only thing is I am not very attracted to him physically. He is not unattractive just not my type. I know this sounds shallow but girls have you ever been somewhat unattracted to your partner at first and with time they became more attractive in your eyes? He treats me so well and it is hard to find such a good guy sometimes but what do you think haha?


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  • Why would you go out on a date with him in the first place if you weren't physically attracted to him?

    Either way, you either want to be with someone or you don't. Personality can definitely be attractive and its not all about looks, but you still should feel enough attraction that you want to be romantic and intimate with the person. The fact that you need to post this makes me think that you have doubts about getting in a relationship with him.


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  • It has happened to me before, but I wouldn't risk it.